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Getting Started

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The Soil library for Kotlin Multiplatform now includes experimental support for Kotlin Wasm. If your browser supports WasmGC, you can run the sample app directly in the browser.

👉 Sample App

Source code:

Browser Support for WasmGC

Currently, the only browsers that support WasmGC are Chrome and Firefox. For the latest compatibility information, please visit


  1. Prepare a Kotlin Multiplatform project or an Android project


If you are starting a new Kotlin Multiplatform project, tools like the Kotlin Multiplatform Wizard or the Compose Multiplatform Wizard can be very helpful.

  1. Add Maven Central to your repositories if needed
repositories {
  1. Add the desired dependencies to your module's build.gradle file
dependencies {
    val soil = "1.0.0-alpha03"
soil = "1.0.0-alpha03"

soil-query-core = { module = "com.soil-kt.soil:query-core", version.ref = "soil" }
soil-query-compose = { module = "com.soil-kt.soil:query-compose", version.ref = "soil" }
soil-query-compose-runtime = { module = "com.soil-kt.soil:query-compose-runtime", version.ref = "soil" }
soil-form = { module = "com.soil-kt.soil:form", version.ref = "soil" }
soil-space = { module = "com.soil-kt.soil:space", version.ref = "soil" }

Compose Multiplatform compatibility

Supported targets:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Desktop (JVM)
  • Web (Wasm)

What's Next?

Try out the features you're interested in right away!

🌱 Query - A seamless data fetching and caching. written more declaratively, leading to more readable code.

🌱 Form - A extensible validation control and form state management. minimizes the impact of re-composition.

🌱 Space - A flexible scoped state management. collaborating with the navigation library to create new scopes.

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